Skin Whitening Treatment


The demand for fair skin is growing in India. People now tend to have glowing and ever-shining skin that can be flaunted on any occasion, festival, or celebration. With the changing time, people have turned more conscious towards their glowing skin which has opened the gate of opportunities for several dermatologists currently catering in India. At Derma Essence Clinic, the best possible skin whitening treatment is offered by one of the renowned Dermatologists in Noida, Dr. Reena Sharma. Now, attaining a glowing and healthy skin is surely possible.

What Is It Like to Undergo Skin Whitening Treatment?

In today’s time, more and more people are opting for skin whitening treatments than ever. Precise in mentioning, skin whitening treatment is among the most advanced services for getting fair skin. It’s a hassle-free and painless procedure that will result in gaining you the kind of glowing skin you are looking out for.

Is Skin Whitening Treatment Permanent?

Skin whitening treatment is definitely a permanent procedure that requires once in a while maintenance sitting. Once you are treated, you might need to visit the doctor once every 1-2 months for the maintenance purpose. At Derma Essence Clinic, our expert Dermatologist, Dr. Reena Sharma removes the uppermost layer of the skin which turns darker because of various reasons. The layer below gets exposed which eventually becomes the new skin.


Once the skin whitening treatment is done, the doctor might prescribe you to take some painkillers for reducing the swelling. Furthermore, you could also wash the concerned area with chemical-free soaps, dabbing very gently. For full recovery, your doctor could recommend you to use some certain maintenance product for a smooth and soothing effect. Usually, applying sunscreen for at least a period of 6 months is recommended to prevent sunburn as the skin at this stage is extremely sensitive.

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