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Tinea Treatment


The kind of skin we inherit along with the weather condition in India, it’s believed to favor the surging occurrence of fungal infections amongst us as a common thing. Dr. Reena Sharma, our professional and renowned skin specialist practicing at Derma Essence Clinic says that we often cross paths with people who are or might have suffered from the reddish ring-like lesions, known as ‘Classical Ring Worm’ or discolored patches on their chest or arms, termed as ‘Tinea Versicolor’. Furthermore, our doctor suggests that fungal infection can be of various types, requiring proper diagnosis and treatment. We, at Derma Essence Clinic, provides the best fungal infection treatment in Noida.

The Procedure

We at Derma Essence Clinic first precisely study our patient’s medical history before heading towards any medication or treatment. That’s why we are amongst the best dermatology clinics recommended by people for fungal infection and other treatments. Our experienced Dermatologist, Dr. Reena Sharma further assures to maintain the transparency of the consultations, offering the best treatment, varying from person to person.

What is Tinea / Fungal infection / Ringworm?

Tinea is the medical name of fungal infection, while Ringworm or Jock Itch are common terms for the same. The patches of tinea usually effect the folds of skin like thighs, armpits, under breast area or on the whole body if the lesions are extensive. They are usually itchy, reddish, and ring-like lesions.

Furthermore, Dr. Reena Sharma, a known name in the dermatology world says that there are several names for tinea that depends on the area it occurs. For example, if it occurs in the thigh area, it is known as ‘Tinea Cruris’.

What are the symptoms of Tinea infection?

We at Derma Essence Clinic, have been welcoming and treating patients suffering from Tinea successfully for over a decade now. After dealing with a plethora of cases successfully, Dr. Reena Sharma, the best skin specialist in Noida explains that there are some common signs and symptoms that result in Tinea.

Some of them includes:

  • Reddish ring like lesions
  • Patches of skin discoloration
  • Mild itching
  • Scaling on outer zone

What are the Treatment option for Tinea?

The treatment of tinea infection depends on the severity of the disease and location of the infectionSmall asymptomatic patches can be managed by topical medications while large or recurrent infections require oral tablets and creams both. At Derma Essence Clinic, an advanced skin clinic in Noida, you will be diagnosed thoroughly first after which the doctor will be recommending the procedure, believed to bring a fruitful result.

Here are some common anti-fungal medicines which are used for fungal infection –

  • Ketoconazole
  • Ciclopirox
  • Fluconazole
  • Itraconazole
  • Selenium sulphide

What Are Some Precautions to Consider for Preventing Fungal Infection?

Fungal elements never go from the skin surface. So we should take certain precautions to prevent recurrence of fungal infection like –

  • Keeping your skin dry.
  • Taking a proper and adequate treatment.
  • Avoiding the use of steroid-based creams on the skin.
  • Using powder in the day time and creams in night
  • Wearing loose clothes, wear cotton clothes as inner wears.
  • Treating other systemic diseases like diabetes if you have, since diabetes can increase infection.
  • Informing your doctor if you are taking immuno-suppressive medicines since these medications can increase infection.