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Body Hair


Laser Hair Reduction is a relatively new technique to reduce unwanted body hair as compared to the traditional methods such as waxing, threading, razing, and hair removal creams etc. The advancements of dermatology have made it possible to do away with the side effects of hair removal for e.g. rough skin texture and thicker hair growth afterward. Laser treatment is very effective in reducing the density of hair and still gives you a smooth skin texture. Looking for an apt Body Hair Removal Treatment in Noida? visit Dr. Reena Sharma’s clinic.

Laser hair removal Treatment is equally beneficial for both men and women. It is highly beneficial in the reduction of the density of hair, a longer hair-free period, and improved skin texture.  Benefits vary from the reduction in density, improvement in texture from coarse, thick, and dark hair to finer, fewer and lighter hair and longer hair free periods. It is the best way to remove all unwanted hair from any part of your body and is medically proven to give you long term hair reduction. With long-lasting results, laser hair removal is a better value for money compared to other hair removal methods as it requires very minimal maintenance. Your comfort throughout the treatment is ensured along with unbelievable results.

Derma Essence Clinic, we use lasers which are the gold standard and suit all types of Indian skin, a pain-free and quick procedure. Full Body Laser Hair treatment can be successfully done within a couple of hours. This treatment can be helpful for people with any skin color. Post-treatment you’ll be stunned to ultimately receive super-smooth and soft skin. You do not have to worry about Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost in Noida because, at  Dr. Reena Sharma’s clinic, it is affordable.


The laser device emits pulses of light energy that penetrate the skin and destroy hair follicles while the device’s handpiece cools the surrounding skin. Since the hair follicles are targeted in the growth phase of the cycle, hair that is in the other stages will not be affected by the laser. The sessions need to be repeated within a few weeks for up to 8 sessions, though the length of the hair cycle varies depending on the body part, the face usually requires more frequent treatments whereas the legs and back need less frequent treatments. Also, long term results will be visible after a while due to changing hair cycles and the thickness of the follicle. At an interval of a few weeks, the first three treatments are done usually.

Advantages of Laser Hair Reduction are numerous. First of all, lasers can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Each pulse of the laser focuses on a particular area, thereby treating many hairs at once. The laser can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every second. Small areas of skin such as the upper lip can be treated in much less time. While comparatively, the larger areas need longer time. 

Patients are advised to keep in mind that laser hair removal is a dermatological procedure, therefore you should ensure to undergo the treatment only at a certified Derma Essence Clinic where the procedure is carried out by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Also, the equipment should also be medically certified. Laser hair removal procedures at Dr. Reena Sharma Dermatology clinic should not be compared to the laser hair removal services widely available in non-medical facilities from technicians with no medical training.

Today, there are varieties of Laser available for Hair removal to suit all skin colours and types while earlier the procedure took longer and would show optimum results only for people with light skin tone and dark hair. A series of sessions of laser hair reduction can benefit almost anyone with hair-free and perfectly smooth skin. 

There are two types of hairs present on the body, terminal, and vellus. Vellus hair is fine, downy and short and covers most of the body. Other than the palms of the hands and bottoms of the feet, it covers the entire surface of the body. Vellus hair is practically invisible and mostly unnoticeable. On the other hand, terminal hair is thicker, therefore, heavily pigmented and noticeable. This hair is usually the target of patients seeking laser hair removal and is often found in the pubic areas, underarm and leg areas. Laser hair removal for thick hair is often the most effective, as it is easier for the laser to target the melanin in the hair and destroy the follicle. Laser hair removal for fine hair is not as effective; although at Dr. Reena Sharma’s Dermatology clinic lasers are available that will allow even those with fine, light-colored hair to enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal. 


What most of the people assume is that there is only one kind of laser which is used for hair removal. There are different types of lasers available in dermatology for hair removal, which makes it important for you to understand which one is the most suitable for your skin type. Finding a leading Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi with the latest technologies? Consult Dr. Reena Sharma.

Different types of lasers are determined by their wavelengths. While choosing a laser for hair removal, you must know the following thing about lasers:-

a)    IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment,  machines have a shorter wavelength than most lasers and are not as effective at targeting the deeper, thicker hair; they are more effective when used for the removal of thin and fine hair which are not very deep rooted. Various med-spas choose IPL’s because they are multipurpose and there are many other treatments which can be carried out with its help.

b)    The Diode Laser: This laser, consists of a high power laser diode emitting infrared (invisible) light at ~800-808nm. The longer wavelength means deeper penetration into the skin. It is safer for dark skin types, but less effective for thin and light hair.

c)    Alexandrite Laser: An Alexandrite Laser is a type of LASER that emits high energy light through an alexandrite crystal. A beam of light 755 nm long is produced when the light passes through the alexandrite crystal; it is considered as one of the most effective lasers for fine, thin hairs which cannot be eliminated by other types of laser.


A few weeks prior to the first session and throughout the course of treatments, patients should not wax, epilate, or remove hair with the root using any other hair removal method. The hair needs to be in place in order to be targeted by laser as laser devices targets the pigment in the hair.  After the treatment, it takes around a month for all hair to shed. Sometimes, shedding doesn’t start until about a fortnight after the session. During the shedding phase, it may look like that hair is growing, but it is actually coming out to shed. The shedding process can speed up by Exfoliating and/or scrubbing gently in the shower with a loofah.

Since the laser targets pigmented hair, white, blond or red hair may not respond to laser hair removal.  

Since the laser works by heating up the hair follicle, there may be minimal discomfort in the form of a pricking sensation or heat felt during the procedure. The chilled laser tip and the use of ice assist in minimizing this discomfort. The pain felt varies individually, with the type of hair and the area being treated. A numbing cream may be used prior to the procedure but is not necessary in majority of the cases.
Photographs of the treatment area may be taken for future comparison. Complete confidentiality will be maintained.

Risks associated with the procedure include mild discomfort, reddening, bumps or mild swelling. Most of the side effects are mild and typically resolve within a week.  
Tweezing and waxing impact the treatment outcome as they remove the hair from the root making it less receptive to laser treatment. Bleaching the hair will also impact the treatment outcome as the hair is not black in colour. Further, shaving or depilatory creams may be used if required. 

Conditions, when we don’t recommend Laser Hair Removal Treatment: 

There are certain conditions that aren’t fitting for a laser hair treatment. Following are some of these conditions, where we don’t suggest undergoing hair removal treatment to our patients:

  • Pregnant women or nursing mothers
  • Patients with a history of seizures
  • Candidates using pacemaker or defibrillator
  • Skin infections on the area to be treated 
  • Laser doesn’t work effectively on white or red hair
  • Candidates with tanned skin 
  • Candidates who have been using retinoids in the near past
  • Candidates taking medications which prohibit them from exposure to sunlight 


  • Stop bleaching / threading / waxing of hair
  • After the laser treatment, avoid excessive exposure to the sun for at least a week.
  • Use SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion regularly
  • Do not use hot water or warm water for that matter to clean the treated area, for at least a couple of days after the treatment
  • Do not scrub the treated area too hard
  • Do not bleach/thread / wax the treated area in between the treatment. You could, however, shave the hair once or twice between the sessions.

Dr. Reena Sharma’s Dermatology Clinic provides long-term Laser Hair Removal treatments in Noida, for all body parts like underarms, upper lip, and chin, and bikini line, depending on the patient’s requirement.