Cyst Removal


Cysts are not life-threatening that can be found usually on the face, chest and upper back. It has a slow growth nature that may become uncomfortable with age if not diagnosed and unchecked with time. We at Derma Essence Clinic, one of the best dermato-surgery clinic in Noida are professionally trained for treating and removing cysts in an effective manner, assuring a positive outcome.

How Should a Cyst Be Treated?

On the first hand, we at Derma Essence Clinic believe that its necessary to understand what can happen if a cyst is left untreated. In such a scenario, it either grows perpetually or ruptures causing immense pain that can be thought about.

If you’re not familiar with the cyst removal technique, don’t worry as Derma Essence Clinic is there to ensure a painless and effective treatment for the same.

The treatment we offer at Derma Essence Clinic for cyst removal includes:

  • Numbing through an Injection
  • Removal of cyst along with sac and all material
  • Stitching of the inner and outer layer of skin
  • Dressing

Home Treatment After care

After the cyst removal, our Dermatologist Dr. Reena Sharma usually provides aftercare instructions that help the skin recover effectively in no time. The suggestions might include:

  • Keeping the wound covered with a dry bandage, replacing it after a cycle of 5-6 days.
  • If gauze is placed in the wound, you might need to come back to the Dermatologist for removal or might be instructed to do the same yourself.
  • Oral antibiotics might be prescribed from the healing and eradication of pain.
  • Usage of creams or ointments as advised.
  • Give rest to the skin.

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