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Ear Lobe Repair


Stretched, droopy earlobes are a sign of aging. Along with the elongation of the earlobes occasioned from aging, years of wearing heavy earrings and ear devices can stretch the earlobes out even more. During an earlobe repair in the Noida process at Derma Essence Clinic, Dr. Reena Sharma can repair the silhouette and appearance of the earlobes to create a more young-looking appearance.

The Procedure

A torn or split ear lobe is an issue in which the pierced hole gets broader because of the overweight of your earrings, or some injury typically instigated by child pull on the earring. Here, at Derma Essence Clinic, we offer you one of the finest treatments to heal your impaired, but gentle earlobe with full care and efficiency. For this purpose, we use suture-less and surgical procedures to repair the ear lobe which is a very innovative method that helps to repair your split earlobe without the usage of any stitches.

What causes earlobe injuries?

Your ears form an imperative and vital part of your body. And females love to flaunt their adornments by getting them pierced. But at times, the pierced hole gets so broader that it starts looking very ugly and tears apart the earlobe. This may happen if the earrings are heavy or your ear lobule is thin or lax.

What are the risks and complications?

Every process carries some form of risk. However, earlobe repair is a very safe process. The most common difficulties take into account of problems related to healing such as poor scarring, the creation of a notch where the skin meets, and septicity. Revisions can always be done. It should be noted that smokers tend to heal poorly and every effort should be made to evade nicotine goods for at least four weeks before the process to improve the scar.

What results can I expect from this treatment?

Your elongated earlobe slits can be repaired within half an hour and you don’t need to visit again to take out the sutures. A fine line will appear once curing is complete and this will also shrivel with time.

What are the Post-procedure care?

After surgical procedure you can give some rest to the skin

  • Don’t touch the lobule, Don’t allow water for 2 days
  • After 2 days, you can open dressing at home, clean the area with normal soap and an antibiotic can be applied. You can keep it open also or you can do a simple dressing.
  • Take proper antibiotics and painkiller to avoid infection and discomfort.
  • Review after 7 days to remove suture.
  • We can re-pierce the earlobe after 6-8 weeks once the healing is complete.