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If you are somebody who had skin with fine lines and crinkles, dark spots, sun impairment, acne scarring or post acne hyperpigmentation, you might be keen on having a chemical peel done to confiscate those unattractive imperfections at Derma Essence Clinic.

A chemical peel can practically eliminate skin imperfection by penetrating the skins surface to get rid of the impaired and tarnished skin cells. The chemical peel will principally allow for new skin cell generation by inducing peeling. Dr. Reena Sharma explained all about chemical peel-

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are organic acids which causes controlled damage to the skin to improve texture and colour.

What are the organic acids used in peel?

A variety of organic acids can be used as peeling agents, common peeling agents are glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, ferrulic acid, retinoids, trichloro acetic acid.

What exactly peel do on skin?

These are organic acids, react on upper layer of skin and peel it off. Conditions like pigmentation, scars, dirt, skin tone improves. These acids also reacts on certain enzymes to reduce pigmentation.

In which conditions peels are useful?

Peels are used to improve skin discoloration (melasma, freckles, age spots, post acne pigmentation), scars ( acne scars, surgical scars), sunlight induced changes ( like wrinkles, sun damaged skin).

Doc, Will my face become more sensitive after Peels?

Skin sensitivity will be there for 3- 5 days. After that the skin will be normal. Peel should be done under supervision of doctor to avoid persistent redness.

What precautions has to be taken after peel?

Strict sun protection ( use sunscreen) is must for 5-7 days. Visible or nonvisible peeling starts after 1 week which goes up to 2 weeks, which should be protected by intense moisturizer.

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