Vampire Facelift


Who doesn’t want a young and attractive skin for flaunting their beauty? Earlier, it might have been just an option, but today, it has become a necessity as a result of which more and more people are showing interest in attaining one. While one can try it by trying several home-based remedies, others can look out for professional help. And what could be the best option other than the ‘Vampire Facelift’ treatment being provided at Derma Essence Clinic, the best hair and skin clinic in Noida, simultaneously equipped with modern-age technologies and skilled staff?

What is Vampire Facelift?

Vampire facelift is basically a plasma-based therapy that done on the facial part of humans. The treatment can be opted for pigmentation and anti-aging purpose, depending upon people’s expectations and requirements.

Supervised under the guidance of Dr. Reena Sharma, an expert dermatologist in town, at Derma Essence Clinic, you will be introduced to the best treatment procedures that are not only hassle-free but promising to be effective, giving out the best results, concluding with happy and satisfied patients.

In Which Conditions Vampire Facelift is Done?

Translating his expertise into words, Dr. Reena Sharma, one of the most renowned and skilled dermatologists in Noida explains that vampire facelift is a phenomenon that can be opted by anyone, irrespective of gender for getting younger and flaunting skin. Elaborating it in a detailed manner, vampire facelift can be done for facial rejuvenation, under-eye pigmentation, and facial pigmentation.

So if you’re looking to enhance your skin in the best, possible manner, Derma Essence Clinic and Dr. Reena Sharma are just the right names for your search.

How Vampire Facelift is Done?

In order to commence the vampire facelift treatment, first of all, the blood sample of the patient is supposed to be collected. The collected blood is around 5-10 ml in terms of quantity that apparently varies, depending upon the area to be treated. On the completion of this procedure, the blood is sent into a centrifuge machine so that the plasma can be collected. Later, this is activated from the calcium, thus injecting it in the required area.

At Derma Essence Clinic, you get the best consultation from Dr. Reena Sharma herself, informing you about the details associated with this treatment. Having the expertise of over 10 years, he is perhaps the right and best choice for you, guiding and treating your vampire facelift procedure in a fruitful manner.

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