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We know that there is no other season that is more imperative to you than the forthcoming festive one and that there is nothing more significant than having stunning, flawless complexion to flaunt. Exactly why it is the right time to bid goodbye to the summer tan and get that graceful glow that will make heads turn. How do you get that? We have got the finest and rapidest ways to immaculate skin at Derma Essence Clinic.

What is a tan?

Related to sunburn, a tan is an acute inflammatory reaction of the skin when unreasonably exposed to UV rays or ultraviolet radiation. There are multiplicity of sources for UV radiation besides the sun such as photo treatment lamps, tanning beds and arc lamps. The advantages of exposure to solar radiation are inclusive of vitamin D synthesis but when this is uncontrolled, it could have destructive effects. It is also called solarerythema or simply put tanning.

How does this happen?

With over exposure to the sun's rays, the DNA in the skin is compromised causing apoptosis of skin cells, swelling and redness. The cutaneous blood vessels are vasodilated prompting the erythema. Your skin has been designed to bear how much sun it can take. As the intensity of the UVB rays differ so does the jeopardy of sunburn.

What treatments we offer?

Derma Essence Clinic offers simple and aggressively effective treatments for tan removal which include laser treatment , peels and by medications. Minor tans or sunburns can be relieved with non-prescriptive NSAIDs or analgesics otherwise acknowledged as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These medicines assuage inflammation and decrease pain related with sunburn. Some of them are Naproxen, Anacin and ibuprofen. In case of peeling treatment, the peel acts as a blocking agent against copper, iron and calcium which are the contributors to the development of melanin. Laser tan removal encompasses exposing the impaired skin to laser light and the process eradicates the necessity for medicine and virtually always has instantaneous outcomes.

Post procedure

Laser treatment when pooled with our extremely effective skin care products lightens, stimulates and guards your skin to help give you a smooth impeccable complexion that you have always anticipated.

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