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Lip Lightening


Are your dark lips affecting your personality and aura up to a great extent? Is so, then get in touch with Derma Essence Clinic, the best skin and hair clinic in Noida today for the best treatment. Under the supervision of Dr. Reena Sharma who is amongst the top dermatologists in Noida guides you effectively towards lightening the color of your lips, making them look more luscious and attractive simultaneously. Derma Essence is an advanced clinic that is offering lip lightening treatments like chemical peels and laser treatment – Nd-Yag Laser for treating lip lightening.

What Are the Causes of Lip Darkening?

As per his sheer expertise, Dr. Reena Sharma, one of the best and expert dermatologists in town states that there are various reasons due to which one can suffer from lip darkening, which is indeed a common phenomenon in today’s time. Rather than getting hyper, one needs to calm down and consult a good dermatologist like Dr. Reena Sharma who can analyze the root cause behind it, thus recommending several medicines and treatments.

Some of the major and common causes behind lip darkening include:

  • Melanin pigment: The number of melanocytes are same in all ethical groups. It’s the melanin production that can be responsible for the de-coloration of your lips.
  • Vascular conditions: Situations like central cyanosis and port-wine stain are few other examples behind the occurrence of lip darkening. In simpler terms, central cyanosis means a decrease in oxygen level whereas port-wine stain denotes birthmarks.
  • Medicines: This can be caused due to the drugs inducing pigmentation.
  • Smoking & Ageing
  • Various diseases like lentigines and lichen planus.
  • Allergic Reaction: Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

What to Expect from Lip Lightening Treatments?

We, at Derma Essence Clinic believe in creating transparency which is irrefutably one of our prime USP. Thus proving it right, Dr. Reena Sharma clearly says that the results of lip lightening treatments can vary from person to person along with the disease they are suffering from. Also, the cause behind lip darkening further plays a pivotal role.

You as a patient can expect the superior quality of treatment along with getting the best consultation by our expert for dealing and recovering with the lip darkening. Visit us today for a hassle-free experience.

Why Should You Take Treatment at Derma Essence Clinic?

Derma Essence Clinic is not just a clinic, rather, it’s a one-stop destination for all your hair, skin, and cosmetic related queries. The hygienic ambience along with expert staff makes your visit-worthy, assuring to provide the best quality treatment with a fruitful result.

Moreover, the presence of our trained dermatologist, Dr. Reena Sharma along with the availability of world-class laser tools makes Derma Essence Clinic the right choice for you at any moment.

What are the Post-procedure instructions?

After your peel or laser,  you might notice that the skin is more red than usual for two hours afterwards and might feel tight or dry. You might also experience some very slight flaky skin for some days. take following precautions –

  • Sun protection is must for 1 week.
  • Apply good lip balm, don’t allow your lips to dark.
  • Stop all creams for few days till skin become red to normal in appearance.
  • Take oral medications as advised