Scars Removal

A scar is an area of fibrosis, which is taken into account as a permanent skin patch growing after injury replacing the original skin. It occurs because of the biological process that leads to wound repair. For this reason scars are treated as the result of the healing process.

A scar’s appearance will depend on its colour, texture, depth, length, width or location. How the scar forms will also be affected by an individual’s age and location on the body or face. Younger skin makes strong repairs and tends to over heal, resulting in larger, thicker scars than on older skin.

Scar removal is a procedure that aims to scale back the appearance of the scars and it also aims to prevent scars from recurring like red keloid scars, raised scars and also hypertrophic scars.


A number of Scar Removal Treatment procedures have been proven successful such as needling, silicon gel sheeting, chemical peels, steroid injections, laser treatments, surgical revision, & creams.

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