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Pigmentation Treatment


Many folks suffer from skin discoloration because of augmented local skin pigment (melanin) production. Internal bodily controls can resist overproduction, but with constant exposure and with ageing then over exposed skin can lose its aptitude to curb overproduction and result in long-term hyperpigmentation marks. If you wish to attain pigmentation-free skin, you can visit Derma Essence clinic for effective melasma treatment and pigmentation treatment in Delhi.

The Procedure

Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi at Derma Essence

At our clinic, under the supervision of Dr. Reena Sharma, various types of methods are used for the skin pigmentation treatment in Delhi. These methods include laser treatments, chemical peels and even techniques like microdermabrasion.

What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation refers to the mysterious darkening (Hyperpigmentation) or lightening (Hypopigmentation) of the skin. Causes can commonly be UVR exposure, trauma, medicines, a chemical constituent or hormonal and Vitamin A & C deficiencies. Normal skin contains cells called melanocytes that create melanin,(see in picture) the brown skin colouring pigment of the skin and when these melanocytes are either unusual or oddly dispersed, it can give rise to pigmentation complications

What are the causes of facial pigmentation ?

There are many causes of facial pigmentation, thats why a proper diagnosis is must before taking any treatment, Don’t directly jump on laser or peeling treatment, Visit to a dermatologist and get it checked first. Dr. Reena Sharma is explaining common causes of facial pigmentation –

  • Melasma – This is common pigmentation causes by hormones and aggravated by sun light. present on bilateral face , nose and upper lip.
  • Lentigines – These are small dotted pigmentation on face
  • Freckles – Freckles are common in fair skin and these are sometime genetic. They fade in winter and appear more in summers ( in sun light)
  • Facial acanthosis nigrecans – This type of pigmentation is more in obese people, on bilateral cheeks, on temple area or on forehead.
  • Lichen planus pigmentosis – This is a common in mid-age females. pigmentation common on face, neck and upper chest.
  • Drug induced pigmentation – some drugs can cause pigmentation on lips, face or neck
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) – Any trauma to the skin , specially brown skin like Indian skin, can heal with pigmentation.

What are the instructions after laser and peel treatment?

Laser skin pigmentation treatments have strict post-operation guidelines that is mandatory for patients to follow.

  • Skin upon which the laser treatment has been done will often appear red and possibly slightly swollen for the first 24 hours,  apply anti-swelling medicines given by doctor for few days.
  • Don’t go in sunlight since skin remain sensitive after laser and peel treatment for melasma. Apply thick coal of sunscreen and moisturiser.
  • Avoid nanti-melasma medicines for few days, i.e. 5-7 days, restart once skin is normal.
  • Stop all the medicines 3 days prior to your next sitting.
  • so it is advised to avoid applying makeup or fragranced skin products for 1 week.