Dynamic lines or wrinkles are those produced by the actions of the underlying muscles. This can be illustrated by actively frowning or smiling. Contrast to Dynamic lines, static facial lines are those that are present at all times – even during complete rest or sleep, i.e. - these lines are actual lines present on the skin resulting from a long history of squinting, frowning, sun damage, etc.


Forehead Lines or wrinkles across the forehead which are usually because you are frequently raising your brows.


Neck Lines or wrinkles in the neck which are created from the dynamic function of a muscle called the platysma are dynamic lines that can become static if not treated on time.


Crows feet lines jutting from the corner of your eyes or frown lines if your wrinkles are between the brows and not horizontally across the forehead, makes you look angry are dynamic lines that need correction.

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