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Vitiligo also recognised as Leucoderma or White Patches is a common de-pigmentary disorder affecting about 1% of the world populace irrespective of race, ethnic background or gender. On the gloomy skin, these depigmented blotches have a very striking and mutilating effect causing many a times severe psychological complications.

The Procedure

Our cutting-edge aesthetic treatments for vitiligo have been the best in the capital with confirmed outcomes. We have had dealt with individuals who had years old of vitiligo and now they are living a contended and respected life. Dr. Reena Sharma, a well-known skin specialist in Delhi provides vitiligo treatment in Delhi for major and minor vitiligo. There are many myth about vitiligo or Leucoderma, so here Dr. Reena Sharma is answering of common questions about vitiligo and vitiligo treatments.

What are the symptoms of Vitiligo?

People having vitiligo can visually see white patches on their skin which are typically found in areas where body is bare to the sun, including hands, feet, arms, face, and lips. The other portions of the body where white patches can appear are the groin and armpits, navel and near the mouth, nostrils, genitals and rectum.

What are the causes of vitiligo?

As I said, vitiligo is an autoimmune condition and triggering factors are not fully understood. This condition can be start from any scar or traumatic areas. It Called Koebner Phenomemon.

What are the types of Vitiligo?

Vitiligo-  following types –

  • Focal vitiligo – Single small lesion
  • Vitiligo vulgaris – Generalised vitiligo – Multiple whitish patches on all over body
  • Lip-Tip Vitiligo – More confined on lips and finger tips
  • Segmental vitiligo – Vitiligo on perticular segment of body

How can We take care of vitiligenous skin?

  • Protect your skin from sunlight, Try to avoid sunlight between 11am to 3pm, wear full clothing, use broad spectrum sunscreen.
  • Apply good amount of moisturiser.
  • Avoid trauma to the skin since traumatic area can turn white because of vitiligo activity.
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