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Benevolent in nature, moles can differ in color and shape. While some can be of flesh-colored, others can be dark brown, blue, or even red, having the potential to occur anywhere on the body. At Derma Essence, we are offering the cutting-edge technology, expertly treating patients that are looking for mole removal under the supervision of our expert dermatologist, Dr. Reena Sharma. Therefore, if you’re considering mole removal in Delhi, visiting Derma Essence can irrefutably solve your concerns forever.

The Procedure

Since moles extend down past the epidermis, simple shaving or burning wont confiscate them fully and can regrow. At Derma Essence mole removal in Delhi choices for permanent result.

What Are Moles?

Moles are actually a collection of pigment forming cells that are known as melanocytes. In medical terms, professionals call it ‘Melanocytic Naevi’. These moles can appear before and within 6 months for life, called ‘Congenital Melanocytic Naevi’. Whereas, some moles can appear after 1 year which is termed as ‘Acquired Melanocytic Naevi’.

What Are the Different Types of Moles?

Emphasizing on his forte, Dr. Reena Sharma, a renowned dermatologist by profession explains that moles can be of the following types, namely –

  • Giant Melanocytic Naevi: These moles are present since the time of birth. Generally, they are very big, covering a large area of the body.
  • Junctional Moles: These are small, flat moles that are commonly known as ‘Til’ in Hindi. They are small in size, having a dark brown color.
  • Compound Moles: Moles that are raised, asymptomatic, and dark brown or black in color are known as compound moles. Remember that such kind of a mole can also have hair emerging from the center.
  • Dermal Moles: These are deep moles and they are raised, skin-colored moles.
  • Blue Moles: As the name suggests, moles that are blue in color are known as blue moles.
  • Red Moles: Known as ‘Cherry Angiomas’, they are not actual moles. Rather, they are a result of the external growth of some blood vessels present in the affected area. These are easily treated with RFA or CO2 Laser.

How Can Moles Be Removed?

Junctional moles can be remove by RFA or CO2 laser since they are not very deep

Other deeper moles can be removed by surgery.

Can We Remove Moles at Home?

Absolutely not. A good and expert dermatologist like Dr. Reena Sharma will always recommend to never-ever try doing this through home-remedies or on your own. In order to remove them completely, you will end up having a bigger scar on your mole area, making it difficult to treat later.

At Derma Essence, you will be introduced to the best and effective treatment for mole removal, prescribed after analyzing your condition properly. Dr. Reena Sharma will study your case, suggesting you the right medicines and treatment required to get rid of them completely.

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