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Medi Facials at Derma Essence Clinic can be tailored for sensitive skin categories and skin conditions like rosacea, acne, scarring, pigmentation, sun impairment and more. Medi Facials also help to promote quicker and healthier cell turnover while also intensely exfoliating the skin.

Why medi-facials are better than regular facials?

Medi-facials have more advantages for your skin and are long-lasting. Medifacials encompass the usage of a few chemical peels and laser machines while doing the process. They hydrate the skin, thus making it soft and supple. Sufficient moisturization helps recoup a fresh and healthy appearance. Gentle exfoliation with skin brightening serums invigorates the skin giving it a vivacious look. Anti-ageing medifacials augment tautness of the skin. They have more advantages for your skin.

Why should you get medi-facials?

  • Relaxation: Medifacials have a relaxing effect on your skin when apt pressure is applied to the pressure points.
  • Stress-buster: All of us are aware that stress can cause skin problems. A good medi-facial can cure any breakouts and renovate the skin from within.
  • Prevents bacterial breakouts: Medi-facial such as an anti-acne facial helps eliminate the bacteria that cause swelling during breakouts with the assistance of LED light. It also decreases the pore size, stabilizes oil production and endorses healthy cell growth.
  • Anti-ageing effects: Serum used in medi-facials helps decrease signs of ageing and keeps the skin looking youthful and glowing.

What are the treatment benefits?

  • Replenishes the skin with vitamins for a renewed radiance
  • Facial and neck cleansing and rejuvenation
  • Decreases wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
  • Moderates stretch marks, revitalizes skin
  • Needle-free deep skin treatment
  • Painless
  • No downtime
  • Zero skin print
  • No irritation or soreness
  • Short and enjoyable


You can straightaway go back to your home with a skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

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