Hair Loss Treatment


Hair loss (alopecia) is a general term for conditions ranging from thinning hair to total baldness. It affects women as well as men. Most hair loss is an inherited (hereditary) condition and can be helped with medication or cosmetic surgery or both. Sometimes, hair loss is due to physical stress or a medical condition that can be treated.

From times immemorial humans have been obsessed with beauty. The times we live in, place a stronger emphasis on the way we look, our presence.

Evolving from our granni’e advices (read: dadi maa ke nuskhe) today we have evolved scientific methodologies which are time tested and logically proven with visible results to maintain the human body.

One of the strongest and many a times a forgotten or less treated part of our body – the hair suffer due to our lack of understanding of the right care they need.

"At our centers" we get patients daily with multiple hair problems, majority of whom have the same issue of rapid hair loss and in many cases at a fairly young age”, this surely is an indication of un-healthy lifestyle and a matter of concern.

There are several treatments which have evolved and today its more a science than an art. We at Derma Essence with a strong team of highly experienced doctors, have perfected this art overtime, delivering not just treatments but solutions to our patients who keep their trust on our experienced hands. Our technology and innovation has evolved continuously characterized by our learning’s from the various real life issues which the various segments of our patients come with.

We welcome you to our world of expertise, trust and faith backed with solid technology and understanding of not just hair, but the human emotions related with their roots!